Monday, 28 January 2013

Strawberry Guava (Psidium cattleianum)

Commonly known as Strawberry Guava, this tree is native to Eastern Brazil.

The Strawberry Guava Tree is a slow-growing small tree or large shrub that grows to about 6m. It has a smooth brown bark and smooth branches as well. The evergreen leaves are alternate, dark green, glossy, and slightly leathery. 

The fragrant flowers are white with prominent stamens about 2cm long. They are borne singly or in 3s in the leaf axils. Each flower has 4 to 5 white petals and numerous white stamens.

The fruit is round and up to 4cm in diameter. The skin of the Strawberry Guave is red, with whitish and slightly yellowish flesh. The flesh is aromatic and thick, surronding a translucent pulp filled with flattened triangular seeds. The fruit tastes like a combination of a passionfruit and a strawberry.

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