Monday, 28 January 2013

Flacourtia inermis

Also known as Batoko Plum, or Rukam Masam in Malaysia, this tree is cultivated throughout India to Malaysia to Britain for its fruits and ornamental foliage.

The Rukam Masam tree is a medium-sized tree that may grow up to 15m. The mature leaves are oblong and elliptic in shape and glossy on the upper side, with a toothed margin. They are about 8 to 20cm long and 3 to 15cm wide. The attractive young leaves are a bright orange, reddish colour, turning green as it matures.

The attractive fruits are produced in bunches and resembles cherries. The fruit is round and shiny, turning from light green to a deep red colour upon ripening. Each fruit measures about 1 to 3cm in diameter.  The flesh of the Rukam Masam is crunchy but sour and acidic in taste. The fruits are generally not eaten fresh but made in jams, preserves, and syrups.

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