Monday, 28 January 2013

Fragrant Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

Commonly known as Pandan, this plant is native to countries in Asia such as Vietnam. 

Fragrant Pandan is a shrub that grows to 1 to 1.5m tall. It has sword-like tapered leaves that are spirally arranged. Mature leaves are about 80 to 110cm long and 6 to 8cm wide and acute tip. The apple green leaves lack a spine in the midrib, and have only a few minute spines present at the extreme apex. Male flowers are extremely rare whilst female flowers are not sighted as the Fragrant Pandan rarely flowers. 

The leaves of the Fragrant Pandan are frequently used in cooking due to its characteristic fragrance. It has a pleasant nutty, sweet-smelling fragrance that is able to enhance the flavour of food like breads, curries, and rice. 

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