Monday, 28 January 2013

Jambu Ayer (Syzygium aqueum)

Also known as Water Apple or Jambu Ayer in Malay, this tree is native to Southeast Asia.

The Jambu Ayer tree is a medium-sized tree that can grow up to 12m tall. It has a short, crooked trunk and an open crown. Branching occurs closer to the ground. The opposite leaves are elliptic-oblong and heart-shaped at the base, clasping the twig. It is blunt and notched at the apex. The leathery leaves are dull and light green on the upper side and yellowish-green on the underside. They are slightly aromatic when crushed. 

The flowers are borne in a loose terminal or axillary clusters of 3 to 7, and are mostly hidden by the foliage. They are pale yellow or yellowish-white in colour and faintly fragrant. 

The fruit is a pear-shaped berry with a white, light red to deep red colour. The skin is thin and glossy. The apex is concave and has the thick calyx segments and protruding slender style remnants. The flesh of the Jambu Ayer is pale pink or white, juicy, crisp, and mildly fragrant. It has a faint sweet flavour. It contains 1 to 6 small seeds though they are generally fruitless.

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