Monday, 21 January 2013

Agathis borneensis

Commonly known as Borneo Kauri or Malayan Kauri, this tree is native to Malaysia, Borneo, and the Sumatra. 

Borneo Kauri is a tall tree with a deep conical shape. Mature trees can grow up to as high as 55m tall. The colour of the bark varies from grey to light brown to black, while the texture  varies from dimpled to scaly to rough.

The thick leaves are arranged in opposite arrangement and light green in colour. The leaf sizes varies on every tree, with larger leaves found on young trees and smaller leaves on older tree.

It is a monoecious flowering plant, which means that pollen and ovules are found in separate flowers on the same plant. Flowers are pollinated by wind. This evergreen tree flowers all year round, producing oval or globular seed cones around 6 to 8cm in size that are also dispersed by wind.

Borneo Kauri is a commercially valuable tree due to the timber quality. The timber from Borneo Kauri is easy to work with and useful for making a variety of timber products such as guitars, pianos, cabinets, and boats. 

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