Monday, 21 January 2013

Cyrtostachys renda

Commonly known as Sealing Wax Palm or Lipstick Palm, Cyrtostachys renda is native to the Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

The medium-sized palm is slow-growing and grows in dense clusters up to 30 ft. The stems are about 5 to 15cm in diameter and has characteristic red colour that sets it apart from other palms. The leaf bases and leaf stalks are also the same bright red. 

The Lipstick Palm is a monoecious plant, which means that pollen and ovules are produced on the same plant but on different flowers. The flowers grow in clusters and are around 60cm long. It has black, oblong-shaped fruits that grow up to 1cm, turning slightly red at the base when mature. 

As a heat-loving evergreen plant, it requires high humidity and full to partial shade to grow. They are water-tolerant and can withstand flooding and water-logged conditions due to its native, swamp-growing nature. Lipstick Palm is favoured by many and planted for its attractive foliage.

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