Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Calophyllum soulattri

Calophyllum soulattri, is commonly known as Bintangor bunut, Malang-Malang or Mintak, is native to many places, from Indochina, Papua New Guinea, northern Australia and Solomon Islands (Includes Singapore!) It comes from the family Calophyllaceae.

This large canopy is capable of reaching a height of 26m. Leaves are simple, and are arranged in an opposite manner.

Being oval in shape, its leaves are 6.5-29 cm long by 2.4-10.2 cm wide. New leaves are pinkish in colour, turning from orange to beige before maturing to green. Midrib is raised on the upper surface of the leaf, but depressed only at the base of the leaf blade. Texture of the leaf is leathery.

Having a diameter of 0.9-1.6cm, its fruits are round, purplish black when ripe. It is non-fleshy and indehiscent. The fruit attracts birds.

Its flower clusters consist of 7-21 flowers.
The white flowers are about 1 cm wide, with numerous stamens. The flowers are mildly fragrant. Petals are 5-9 mm long. The flowers are pollinated by birds.

The seed is 1-10 mm in diameter and dispersed by birds. 

The timber was considered the best of the Calophyllum species and used in masts, spars and planking. Some considered it better than teak in being more elastic and harder. The fresh barks from the shoots are used as medicine for women who have just given birth.

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