Monday, 23 April 2012

Saraca cauliflora

Saraca cauliflora, or also known as S. Thaipinensis, Yellow Saraca, Talan and Gapis, originated from Myanmar, Indochina, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia (Java) and much of Southeastern Asia. It belongs to the plant family of Fabaceae (Leguminosae).

Saraca cauliflora’s inflorescence consists of clusters of tiny yellow flowers with protruding stamens and pistil and has a habit of flowering on the trunk and branches, fragrant in the evening. A cluster can be up to a foot in diameter. New leaves are soft and in pale pink that slowly stiffen to green. This evergreen tree can grow up to 8 meters with a rounded canopy. It strives in partial to full sun with moderate amount of water.

Look out for them at the Canoe Shed.

(Saraca cauliflora found near the canoe shed)

 (Clusters of yellow inflorescence)

 (The buds before forming into flowers)

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