Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bauhina kockiana

Bauhinia kockiana, more commonly known as the Climbing Bauhinia, is a flowering woody climber native to Peninsula Malaysia. It belongs to the Fabaceae family.

B. kockiana, a tropical perennial semi-deciduous vine, is quite a vigorous climber that can reach a height of approximately 5 metres in gardens. In the jungle or forest, it is capable of scaling much higher, up to around 14 metres or more until it reaches the crown of tall trees. Being a vine, it requires support for its woody stems and sprawling branches. Its luxuriant foliage consists of ovate to elliptical leaves that are medium-green in colour, glossy and deeply veined with three distinct nerves running from the base to the apex of the leaves. 

The climber bears spectacular clusters of stunning inflorescence, ranging in colours from bright red-orange to orange, and golden-yellow to pale yellow as they age and wither away. Its blooms are long lasting – they practically survive through the year. B. kockiana is gaining popularity with home gardeners and landscape designers because it is easy to grow and bears attractive flowers. It can be grown in containers or straight onto the ground. They are excellent specimens for trellises, pergolas and even as a stand-alone at the entrance to a patio. 

Look out for the Bauhinia kockiana at the Amenities Centre or carpark of MacRitchie Reservoir Park. 
 (Orange inflorescence)

(Glossy and deeply veined leaves)

 (Flower buds before they bloom into the orange flowers)

(Bauhinia kockiana found at MacRitchie Reservoir Park Car Park)

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